Lufthansa A321Neo Business Class Review

Mon, 04 Dec 2023

On a recent short-haul trip from Reykjavik to Frankfurt, we flew with Lufthansa on their A321Neo Business Class which was overall a very straightforward yet seemingly practical flight experience. For those who haven’t experienced Eurobusiness, basic is the summary for the majority of their interconnecting, short haul flights. We expected nothing fancy on these short hops, however our review dives into the slight differences between intra Business Class and intra standard Economy. 

Lufthansa A321Neo Review

Lufthansa Pre Flight Experience

We arrived at Reykjavik Airport 5 hours before departure of our flight due to disembarking a cruise. We noticed that we weren't the only ones in the same situation as us, and found that quite a few individuals were in the same boat which actually made the pre-check-in-area unfortunately overcrowded. After an hour, check-in was open which meant they were open 4 hours before departure. We were first in the priority queue and once we crossed this obstacle, everything else went smoothly.

As we had time to kill, we visited Reykjavik Airport’s only Business Class lounge, their IcelandAir Saga Lounge - you can read our review here. This was a nice place to relax before departure - it was an incredibly comfortable space, with great views and lots of food and drink options on offer. A huge area with a fireplace in the lounge which we thought would be really nice to sit by in winter. 

Lufthansa A321Neo Layout

The Lufthansa A321Neo Business Class is a very basic product, like many intra Europe Business Class short haul flights. With a 3-3 cabin configuration, same as Economy seating, the difference is that the middle seat is blocked for extra space and additional comfort. Besides this, the ‘Business Class’ seat is replicated in Economy. Extension of Business Class in the Lufthansa A321Neo is also possible with a moveable curtain which is all dependable on bookings and demand. The flight we were on included 9 rows of Business Class so a total of 36 seats. 

Lufthansa A321 Neo Business Class Cabin Layout

Lufthansa A321Neo Business Class Cabin Layout

Lufthansa A321Neo Seating

Lufthansa A321Neo Cabin Layout 

Lufthansa A321Neo Leg Room  

In line with the intra-Europe norm, there was no in-seat entertainment. Passengers were encouraged to bring their own devices, aligning with the industry standard for short haul flights. However, small activity kits were provided to our children which was a nice bonus considering they were unable to watch anything on an airplane entertainment device. As the vast majority of individuals have access to devices, most people don't find this an issue, as did we.

Lufthansa A321Neo Kids Pack

Lufthansa A321 Food and Beverage Options

For a 3.5 hour flight, we received a light meal service which was very European, but still nice. The ‘light’ meal still included a roll as an entree, a main meal, a light side and a dessert and was overall tasty and fresh. 

Beverages onboard are like many standard domestic Business Class flights - a cart with standard red and white wine, sparkling, beer and selected spirits. Staff were very friendly and ensured we were well looked after with our drinks and happy with the meals we had chosen.

Lufthansa A321Neo Meal Onboard

Lufthansa A321Neo Meal Onboard 

Lufthansa A321Neo Overview

We found our Lufthansa A321Neo Business Class flight experience to be overall pleasant. With incredibly attentive and warm service, it allowed the embodied essence of Eurobusiness, delivering on essentials, to feel a bit more catered and comfortable. A light meal and a space in between our seats were the only main notable features differentiating that of Economy, adding a slight touch of convenience and comfortability to the overall journey. 

After the uneventful flight, and rainy landing at Frankfurt airport, we were greeted by the Lufthansa first Class transfer service which is where we really experienced the luxury with Lufthansa. You can read our first class reviews - Lufthansa First Class Lounge and Lufthansa First Class 747-800 flight for more details.

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