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Flat Beds is part of the RoundAbout Travel Group. RoundAbout Travel was started in 2008 by entrepreneurs Mark and Amy Trim at the age of 23 and 27 respectively. Mark and Amy had a background working for a large travel firm but were fed up being associated with the churn and burn style of operation that led to a high attrition rate and poor customer service. Through starting RoundAbout Travel they decided the best way to highlight the professional service of quality travel agents was to pick the most difficult airfare product, round the world tickets, where efficient and expert service would shine through.

Over the last 10 years, RoundAbout Travel has grown to a team of 18 staff with turnover in excess of $130 million. We have been growing at a rate in excess of 20% each year and are adding more staff as quickly as possible. Through this time we have done a small portion of return and multi-sector air ticketing for those repeat and referral clients who wanted that same service but perhaps didn’t want to go around the world a subsequent time. From this, our subsidiary brands QFlyer and Flat Beds were born as a way to highlight our additional services and points of difference outside of the round the world niche. Over time we discovered that value driven business class customers loved our way of doing things and finding the best value deals to meet their needs, so Flat Beds was a natural extension to complement our RTW offering.

As part of the RoundAbout Travel group, Flat Beds is AFTA/ATAS accredited and is part of the Independent Travel Group. RoundAbout Travel holds professional indemnity, public liability, and management liability, so that your funds are fully insured and protected.

By leveraging your time and bringing in an expert airfare manager we’ll conduct a full cost/benefit consultation to ensure you’ve got the best value flat-bed deal on the market, avoiding poor quality airlines, average aircraft or angled/lie flat business class seats. You’ll save time by outsourcing to a professional and we give you the same rate you’d pay direct with the airlines.

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