Inside Qatar Airways QSuite - Auckland to Adelaide

Wed, 14 Sep 2022

We recently wrote about our flight in the QSuite from Adelaide to Auckland. On the return flight Auckland to Adelaide, Qatar Airways provided the same level of service from the staff from start to finish.

QR915 is an Auckland to Doha route operated three times a week with a stop in Adelaide so many of the passengers were continuing on after the first flight however were still required to disembark in Adelaide. The flight departs Auckland at 3:45pm, arriving into Adelaide at 6:10pm. For those continuing on, the next flight departs Adelaide at 8:20pm, arriving into Doha at 3:40am the following morning. 

Qatar Business Class passengers have a priority check-in lane and are advised they are welcome to head to the Strata Lounge to relax before departure. 

After a rest in the Strata Lounge, I headed straight to the departure gate and with priority boarding there was almost no wait time before I boarded, escorted to my seat and offered a welcome beverage.

Welcome Drinks
This flight I sat in the rear facing 3K. This seat is a window seat with direct aisle access. The seat is directly next to the window with the storage compartment on the aisle side. Forward facing window seats have the opposite layout with the seat directly next to the aisle and the storage compartment next to the window. Due to the curved shell of the seat this does slightly limit the view outside the window.

Rear Facing Window SeatRear Facing Window SeatForward Facing Window Seat 
On arrival at the seat I was provided with 2 pillows and the same amenity kit. As this was a daytime flight, no blanket was offered.

Once again, the helpful staff offered to take the dining order before departure. Dining is offered as dine-on-demand but as it was another short flight, I ordered straight away to avoid any delays later in the flight. After departure while I awaited the dinner service, I was offered another drink and a serve of warm nuts.

Champagne with Warm Nuts
When dinner was served, the attendants set up the tray table with a linen tablecloth and napkin, ambient lamp and still or sparkling water. I was brought the artisan bread served with infused olive oils to complement the appetiser. The meal options were different on this flight as we were departing New Zealand however there was still a choice of soup, 3 appetisers, 3 mains and 2 desserts.

A la Carte Menu
This time I chose the Cajun Spiced Prawns with soy and sesame aioli, spicy butternut squash and lemon wedge. While tasty, the prawns hadn’t been fully thawed out and the centre was still slightly frozen.

Cajun Prawns
The main course was Stir-fried Egg Noodle with grilled chicken breast, asian style vegetables and citrus sauce.

Stir-fried Egg Noodles with Chicken
Dessert was Warm Parsnip Cake, creme caramel and mixed berries.

Warm Parsnip Cake
The attendants were very quick to clear the meal once it was complete, allowing me the opportunity to relax and watch a movie on the Oryx One 21” entertainment screen with the seat in a recline position. With a few hours before landing I chose to convert the seat into a fully flat bed, close the windows and get some sleep.

Flat Bed
With the staff again being more than helpful to return the seat to landing position we began the descent into Adelaide. Upon landing I was assisted in getting bags from the overhead locker and thanked on my way off the plane. I headed straight to security while many passengers took a turn into the international terminal to await their next flight onto Doha.

While I was able to experience many of the features of the QSuite during the short flights, it’s evident to see how comfortable a long flight would be with the option of dine-on-demand, more opportunity to watch the entertainment options and the ability to get a longer sleep. Whether you’re just taking a short flight or a long-haul flight onto Europe, the QSuite absolutely lives up to the hype. 

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