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14 Sep 2022
Strata Lounge - Auckland Airport
We recently flew Qatar Airways from Auckland to Adelaide and were provided with complimentary access to the Strata Lounge before departure in Auckland Airport.

We recently flew from Adelaide to Auckland with Qatar Airways in the QSuite. On the return from Auckland to Adelaide, we were provided with complimentary access to the Strata Lounge before departure in Auckland Airport.

There is also the option to purchase access online 24 hours before your flight starting from $66 for a maximum 4 hours, or take your chances and purchase access for a higher rate on arrival, subject to availability.

The lounge is open from 4:30am until 11pm daily. After you pass through security and enter the international terminal, the lounge is located on the second level just after the large duty free shop. You’ll find the escalators on your right, heading to the Strata Lounge along with both Qantas and Emirates lounge.

Strata Lounge Entry

There is a large open lounge area with a range of different seat options, bar seats, larger tables suitable for groups, tables for easy laptop use, and arm chairs with lower tables for relaxing. The main lounge area has a floor to ceiling window that overlooks the inside of the main terminal. A bookable conference room is available for small groups along with a business centre providing desks and computers.

Lounge Area
Lounge Area & Business Centre
Business Centre

For extra relaxation, a single or twin private relaxation room can be booked in advance for an additional fee. The rooms have calm lighting and modular sofas giving the option to rest or take a nap before your flight.

A children's area is available in the main seating area, surrounded by frosted glass allowing parents to keep an eye on their kids but still keeping a distance and limiting noise for other travellers.

Charging ports and power points are available for use but you won’t find them accessible for every seat so if you need to charge your devices, check for outlets before you settle in. Complimentary Wi-Fi is also available.

The lounge offers five private shower rooms, three for women and two for men. Towels can be requested at the reception desk with shampoo and soap dispensers in the shower room.

If you’re looking for a feed before your flight, the lounge has plenty to offer. I was there at midday and lunch options were provided, but breakfast and dinner options are offered at different times of the day. There were 4 options of hot dishes including rice, sweet and sour chicken, pumpkin soup and japanese along with cold options that included sushi, salads, sandwiches, soft cheeses, fruit and chocolate mousse and panna cotta for dessert. The food is served buffet style so you’re able to help yourself as needed.

Hot Meal Options
Cold Food Options
Snacks & Desserts
Beverage Station

A range of beverages available include soft drinks, tea & coffee, juice along with a fully stocked bar providing beer, wine and spirits. The bar is not hosted so all drinks, including coffee, are self serve, although a barista or bar service would be a welcome inclusion.

Alcoholic Beverage Station

The lounge is the perfect place to enjoy a wine, coffee or snack or catch up on some work before boarding your next international flight.

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