Vietnam Airlines Dreamliner Business Class Review

Tue, 10 Dec 2019

We recently flew from Hanoi to Sydney with Vietnam Airlines in business class, on their 787 Dreamliner. Flying out of Hanoi, check-in for the night flight was very busy as it had just opened but Vietnam Airlines have twelve dedicated Business Class check-in desks, as well as a priority security line making it a simple process giving passengers little to no wait time.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Check-in Hanoi International Airport

The Hanoi International Airport is very easy to navigate as it is quite small with only one concourse. After security it is simple to follow the signs to the Vietnam Airlines Lotus lounge and gates. The flight to Sydney was at the very last gate in the terminal, about a 7-minute walk from the lounge, if visiting the lounge just be sure to leave with enough time to get to the gate. When it came time to board, boarding was open for all classes at the same time which made for a bit of congestion, however there is a dedicated priority line for Business Class, Premium Economy and SkyTeam members.

The Vietnam Airlines business class cabin is in a reverse herringbone 1-2-1 configuration, with the window seats being better suited to solo travellers and the middle seats angled towards each other better for couples.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Cabin

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Cabin without the middle overhead cabins felt very airy and open

Upon boarding at each business class seat is a pillow and blanket, and once seated the delightful Vietnam Airline hosts gave us our amenity kit, slippers and hot towel. The Amenity kit contained all of the travel essentials needed during the flight including lip balm, tooth cleaning kit, socks, moisturiser, comb, eye mask and earplugs. The single-use slippers were great to use while onboard and are the same given to premium economy passengers as well.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Seat

Vietnam Airlines Amenity Kit and Slippers

Vietnam Airlines Amenity Kit with Charriol Parfums Skincare

The business class seat is very roomy and comfortable with an adjustable armrest on the outside and footrest. As this was a night flight, before take-off we were offered a seat cover, similar to a mattress topper but not as padded, to avoid sleeping directly on the seat. When converted to a bed the seat reaches just under two meters in length with room to bend your legs to either side. The pillow and blanket provided just the right amount of comfort and warmth without being too hot.

Vietnam Airlines middle Business Class seats with Seat Cover


There is storage on either side of the seat including a compartment next to the outside armrest and a shelf under the console. Both are on the smaller side and could fit the amenity kit and a water bottle.

Storage around the seat

Seated in the window seat we had maximum privacy facing away from the cabin, with everything we needed within arms reach. Complimentary headphones, seat and entertainment controls are located in the console with a small amount of storage space with the headphones. The power outlets, seat and entertainment controls are here as well, this is great as it keeps everything in easy reach when seated upright or reclined. The entertainment controller is a bit redundant because of the touch screen but the call and light buttons are located here as well.

Headphones and seat controls

Next to this is a side table that is big enough to hold a beverage and a small tablet or phone. The tray table also folds out from here, although on the smaller size the table is still big enough to hold a laptop.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Seat

The 15-inch entertainment screen folds out from the back of the next seat and was filled with a great range of Hollywood blockbusters and international films. The touch screen was very responsive and easy to use. The downside of the entertainment is that it is not accessible until after takeoff as the screen was required to be stowed for take off and landing. And although large and clear ,the screen doesn't tilt making it hard to see when the seat is in a reclined position.

Entertainment screen

Once settled we were offered a choice of water, watermelon juice or champagne as a welcome drink along with the dining and wine menus, the extensive wine list included Champagnes and wines from France and Italy. After this lovely welcome, unfortunately, there was then about an hour wait on the plane before we started moving, it wasn’t clear what the reason for this was but we were offered newspapers and magazines during the wait.

Welcome drink on board Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines Business Class Menu

Vietnam Airlines Wine List

Shortly after take off supper was served, we had the choice of a Prawn roll and vegetables or a cold meats plate with Salami and cheese as an appetiser. The Prawn roll was a great start to the meal, light, refreshing and served with a warm bread roll.

Prawn Roll to start the dining course

For main course, we had 3 options to choose from, Vietnamese chicken noodle soup, Grilled salmon with Teriyaki sauce or a Rolled prawn with pork and tomato sauce rotini. We went with the chicken soup which was delicious and full of fresh ingredients.

Chicken Noodle Soup

An hour and a half before landing our breakfast orders were taken. We had the option of Vietnamese Pho, Vegetable Omelette or a cold dish accompanied by Yoghurt. Cereal, fresh fruit and bread, tea, coffee and juice was also available. The omelette was light and fluffy and overall the whole breakfast meal was very filling and great after a night flight.

Omelette for Breakfast with Vietnam Airlines

Overall the Vietnam Airlines Business Class is very comfortable and the Flight Attendants were very helpful, to book your next Vietnam Airlines flight contact our team of Business Class experts today, or view our latest Vietnam Airlines European deals here.

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