United Club Tokyo Narita International Airport Review

Wed, 30 Aug 2023

Business Class travellers moving through Narita International Airport are given a range of lounge options depending on the airline they are travelling with or frequent flyer membership. When checking in to our recent SWISS Business Class Flight to Zurich we were given the choice of Star Alliance affiliate lounges, including United Airlines United Club.

United Club Narita International Airport Lounge Entrance

Due to our early arrival at 8am we had to wait for the lounge to open 8:45am, luckily there is plenty to see and do around the Narita Airport this was no problem. Once we were able to enter we were a bit disappointed that one of the two food service sections was closed due to it being earlier in the morning and fewer people around.

United Club Breakfast Selection

A plus to visiting the lounge in the morning was that there were only a few people in the lounge. A range of breakfast options was available including a selection of traditional Western breakfast such as eggs, continental breakfast with cereal, yogurts and fruits and a Japanese option of fish and rice. Considering the vast size of the lounge we would have liked to see a few more options on show for breakfast. The coffee provided was good while the area was clean and comfortable. 

United Club Narita International Airport Breakfast Selection

United Club Narita International Airport Breakfast Selection 

United Club Narita International Airport Hot Food

United Club Narita International Airport Drink Selection

United Club International Airport Self Service Coffee Machine

United Club Seating Options

The seating options mainly consisted of larger armchairs, some bigger relaxing chairs in the centre area, and then dining tables as you enter. Most people opted for the lounge chairs along the large windows to the view, while some who were eating opted to dine at the tables located near the entrance.

United Club Narita International Airport Seating

United Club Narita International Airport Seating

Before the lounge started to fill up as the morning progressed we were able to find a comfortable spot to sit and enjoy views over the tarmac. Charging ports were available in the tables beside the seats however the USB ports did not seem to be working when we tried charging our headphones and phone. 

United Club Narita International Airport Seating

United Club Narita International Airport Seating

United Club Narita International Airport Tarmac View

United Club Narita International Airport Charging Ports

The lounge was a good size and allowed guests to spread out to work or take phone calls without disturbing anyone. 

We found the lounge to provide a good place to relax and rest prior to departing for Zurich. The view was spectacular looking out on the tarmac, while the chairs were comfortable and the wifi speed good. We would like to see some more food options available, yet this could just be due to one food station being open and not two. 

With SWISS being a Star Alliance member, this proved to serve us well since there is no specific SWISS lounge located within the Narita Airport. Take a closer look at the SWISS Business class experience here or contact one of our expert flatbed travel consultants to book your next trip.

Lounge access 

United Business Class passenger

Star Alliance Business Class passenger 

Star Alliance First Class passenger + 1 guest

Star Alliance Gold member + 1 guest

United Club members + 2 guest

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