SWISS Business Lounge A Zurich Review

Wed, 26 Jun 2019

Recently while travelling through Europe we had a short stopover in Zurich and checked into the SWISS Business class lounge near gate A. The walk from the gates to the lounge was only short and after arriving we were greeted by the lovely SWISS staff who welcomed and advised us how to connect to the WiFi once in the lounge.

Arrival at the SWISS Lounge

To access the WiFi we needed to scan our boarding pass and get a code on a receipt. After this login was very straight forward and the internet was great to catch up on work while in the lounge.

WiFi is available inside the lounge

The first thing we noticed about the lounge was the beautiful interiors, wooden panelling and leather made the lounge feel more like a comfortable restaurant, or Swiss Ski lodge rather than an airport lounge.

Climbing upstairs to the main part of the lounge we found the dining area and a relaxed lounge area, as we kept moving through the lounge we found more workspaces including a private meeting room and bench with power points for your devices. The lounge is very much equipped for working on the go, you don’t have to look very hard to find access to power points including in the lounge and dining areas.

The dining area inside the lounge

The lounge area

Meeting room inside the SWISS Lounge

More working space inside the Lounge

Above the dining area is the quiet area for travellers who wanted to relax before their next flight. This area is separated into two, one side with multiple televisions and lounge chairs, so you can catch up on the latest TV or News. The other side is filled with couches looking out over the terminal below, perfect for reading your book or just relaxing.

Quiet entertainment area

The Quiet lounge area

On the dining floor, there is a variety of food and drinks including the option to have a chef-prepared meal. There is also range of salads, bread, fresh fruit, chocolate cake, and ice cream to help yourself to.  And a self-serve bar has an extensive range of beer wine and spirits available.

Drink selection

Chef prepared meals

Salad options in the SWISS lounge

Ice Cream selection

The SWISS lounge is a very quiet and relaxing place to grab a bite to eat or catch up on some work before your next flight. If you would like more information on SWISS contact our team of expert airfare consultants today, or view our latest deals from SWISS.

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