Star Alliance Los Angeles First Class Lounge Review

Sun, 23 Feb 2020

We checked in to the Star Alliance First Class Lounge in LAX before travelling to Zurich in SWISS First Class. On first impressions, the first class lounge is a bit underwhelming being quite small in size and somewhat soulless, we had a while before our flight to Zurich and were a bit concerned about spending the whole time in this small room. The lounge however joins on to the impressive business class lounge, giving you the option to enjoy all the business class lounge has to offer, or retreat to the privacy of the first class lounge. If you think of it as an exclusive add on to the business class lounge, it makes much more sense.

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX

Whilst small on size, the lounge is fully equipped with multiple lounge seating options, allowing different sized groups to sit together, as well as dining tables.

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX

Star Alliance First Class Lounge LAX

An a la carte menu is available to order from in the lounge, or alternatively a range of snacks and beverages are available from a self-serve buffet. The beverage range includes an extensive array of soft drinks plus spirits, beer, premium wines and champagnes. To snack on there is a range of chips, fruit, sandwiches and sweets as well as assorted cheeses, crackers and dried fruits to construct your own cheese platter.

Drink range in the First Class Lounge

Drink range in the First Class Lounge

Snacks and DIY coffee

Chips and fruit to help yourself to

Sandwiches and Small bites

Construct your own cheese platter

Despite the lounge being small, on our visit there was only ever a handful of visitors in the lounge at a time so it did not feel crowded. The personalised service of the staff was also excellent with offers to mind bags, prepare food and arrange transfers to the gate.

Check out the First Class lounge is you’re after a quiet place to relax. Head into the Business Class Lounge if you want more options, a shower, or a seat with a view.

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