Singapore Airlines A350 Seat Launch

Wed, 28 Nov 2018

Singapore Airlines = Singapore Slings 

Singapore Airlines are upgrading their Adelaide to Singapore service to an A350 from December and deputing their new Medium Haul Business Class cabin on the route.

We checked out their Launch in Adelaide to try the new seat.

The new cabin is laid out in a 1-2-1 configuration giving every  business class passenger aisle access and creating a row of single window seats.

Singapore Airlines A350 Seat Launch 

Singapore Airlines A350 Medium Haul Business Class Seat  

Unlike Singapore Airlines A380 business class, the new A350 Medium Haul seat has a staggered seat configuration, with seats alternating between having the console on the window side of the seat, or on the aisle side.

Seats alternate between having the console on the left or right. 

This alternating seat design also means that the fully flat bed is much straighter in this cabin than the A380 cabin, with the seat connecting to the footrest directly in front of it.

The fully flat bed connects to the footrest directly infront of it. 

The seat design creates a very straight flat bed. 

In a seated position, theres a lot of leg space, and a large footrest (which makes up the base of your bed)

Leg room, footrest, and storage 

Footrest and storage 

There is plenty of storage within the seat, including room for a small bag/handbag under the footrest and a magazine storage to the side of the footrest. In the console to the side of your seat is a drinks table, is a hook to hold your headphones, and a storage compartment which can be closed, perfect for placing your inflight items during takeoff and landing. There's also a handy good sized slide out mirror tucked in to the console.

Storage compartment and headphone hook. 

Storage compartment closed 

Slide out mirror

Below the drinks table are the controllers for your entertainment system, lights and seat adjustments. 

Light, seat and entertainment controls. 

A second set of light controls and a button to convert your seat into a flat beds is located in the headrest/surround.

Second lighting and flat bed controls 

The dining table easily slides out from beneath the Entertainment screen. Meaning the table is completely independent rom your seat and can be used in any seated or bed position.

Dining table slides out from underneath the entertainment screen 

Dining Table 

The tableware used inflight is high quality china with an elegant design.

Singapore Airlines business class tableware 

Everything has been thought of with this seat design. All you need is within arm's reach and the new straight design of the seat is a big improvement to the comfort of the fully flat beds. 

New Singapore Airlines A350 Medium Haul Seat

Singapore Airlines Business Class Slippers

The new plane will operate from Adelaide to Singapore from December 18th. Contact our Flat Beds Consultants to book your Singapore Airlines business class flights.

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