Qantas Business Class Review

Tue, 28 Nov 2017

We recently flew business class to Hawaii with Qantas onboard their A330. The A330 suites are great, extremely comfortable with plenty of room. The main issue of course is the fixed divider between the 2 middle seats, this concern has been fixed with the new business class suites onboard the Qantas Dreamliner though which has a moveable screen.

Qantas A330 Business Class Seats

Qantas A330 Business Class Window Seat

Onboard Qantas A330 Business Class

Upon boarding we received one the Qantas Art Series Amenity kits, featuring the artwork of Fred Fowler, 7000 Iron barks, and packed full of ASPAR products.

Qantas Business Class Amenity Kit - Art Series

There is plenty of storage within the suite, with a pocket to put small items such a tablets, magazines, hone etc. There is also a hook to store your noise cancelling headphones and a super handy water bottle holder.

Pocket Storage. Qantas A330 Business Class suites

Water bottle holder, headphone hook and power connections.

Your control panel for the inflight entertainment and seat adjustment is located in the front of the pocket along with multiple power connections.

Inflight entertainment and seat controls.

The seat can be converted to a fully flat bed and the leg and back rest can also be adjustable  to provide your ideal seating position.

The Qantas inflight entertainment is packed with movies and TV shows however the screen can get a bit blurry if you're not looking at it direct on.

Qantas Business Class inflight entertainment.

Qantas Business Class Inflight Dining

The Qantas business class inflight dining was delicious and of a high quality and the service was great. We enjoyed a lunch and dinner service onboard, with snacks also available throughout the flight along with a range of wines and other beverages.

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Lunch Menu.

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Dinner Menu.

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Wine List

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Beer Menu

We enjoyed the chicken caesar salad entree, followed by the braised pork main and finished with an ice-cream sandwich. The meals were tasty and served restaurant style, with each course being delivered once you had finished.

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Lunch Main, Braised Pork

Qantas Business Class inflight dining - Lunch dessert, Ice-cream Sandwich


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