Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Munich

Sun, 20 Aug 2023

We recently visited the Lufthansa Business Lounge in Munich International Airport, prior to departing for Montreal in Business Class on Lufthansa. Open from 7am to 5pm daily, here you can access the Senator Lounge and the Business Lounge here.


After entering the lounge and passing reception you’ll find bag lockers along with the toilets right near the entrance. The lounge then opens up into a large walkway, with high bench seating with charging ports for each seat. Continuing through the lounge you will find lounge chairs with privacy screens in the middle of the floor, and smaller booths along the sides of the room. The main lounge emphasizes privacy with these dividers, giving a good balance between space and efficiency, with power outlets at every seat. This was a nice way to break up the space and offer privacy in what we could imagine, as a busy lounge at times. Complimentary wifi was available throughout the lounge as was fast while there was a copier and printer available. 

The lounge continued around the corner to the food service area complete with floor-to-ceiling windows looking out to the tarmac. More seating was available here with a mix of lounges, dining chairs and tables and some couches. Being the dining area charging points were not as readily available so we recommend getting some food and then going back to the lounge area if you need. 

The focal point in this lounge is the large bar running along the back windows. With a backlit electric blue counter, stand-out lights and bottles displayed on the back shelves, it was a stand-out design feature of the lounge. 

Food is served buffet style with plenty to choose from including a selection of snacks, appetizers, salads, as well as cold and hot meals. You’ll find a variety of bread rolls, pretzels, hot potato wedges, and curry, along with the option to make your own salad, with small desserts also readily available. 

Soft drink is served through its own machine, while sparkling waters and juices were found in glass bottles or containers. An espresso machine is to the right of the food, with even small biscuit options to have with your coffee. 

Shower suites are available in this Lufthansa lounge, but they were however all booked during our time in the lounge. If you do book a shower, each comes with a sink, toilet, plenty of space to change, a full-length mirror and amenities such as a toothbrush and comb. 

The Lufthansa Business Lounge is a good place to rest before departing for your flight. The nice views of the tarmac, wide range of amenities, good food and decent bar area, made for an enjoyable experience in Munich.

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