Lufthansa Business Class Lounge Frankfurt

Mon, 24 Jun 2019

Before continuing on a recent trip around the world we stopped in at the Lufthansa Business class lounge at Frankfurt Airport (read our guide to Frankfurt Airport here). Like Frankfurt Airport on that day, the lounge was very busy, however there was plenty of staff around to help with anything and it was still very comfortable.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

When you first walk into the lounge you enter into the dining and bar area. At the staffed bar you can get your choice of beverage including barista made coffee. The dining area consisted of a few bar tables and around six tables, although a little small I could see that the lounge area was the full length of the lounge.

The staffed bar inside the Lounge

Dining Area

Around the corner from the bar is the food buffet with a combination of hot, cold, sweet and savoury food. This includes fresh salads, a selection of pasta and soup dishes and a dessert station with strawberries to make your own dessert bowl.

Hot Food Options

Fresh Salads

Build your own dessert bowls

Here there is also grab and go drinks including cider, soft drinks, juice, water and a coffee machine.

Grab and go drinks

Make your own coffee

Once we had some food, we went to find a seat and although the lounge area is the whole length of the lounge it would have been hard to find two seats together as the lounge was really filling up. As I was travelling solo I was able to find a seat but there wasn’t much privacy in the lounge. A nice touch is that between each of the armchairs is a table with a power point to charge up your devices before your next flight.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounge

At one end of the lounge area, there is a computer bank and more power points if you needed to do some work while in the lounge.

Computers available to use in the lounge

At the other end of the lounge are the bathrooms and shower suites, unfortunately, because the lounge was busy, I was unable to have a look at the showers but there is a helpful attendant who can book you in for your chosen time. The bathrooms however are very nice and stocked with luxury soaps to use.

Bathroom amenities

Near the entry to the lounge is a departures sign so you can always keep updated on your flight. Next to this is a room full of lockers with that can be used to hold your personal items safe while in the lounge, despite the lounge being full most of the lockers were still available.

Departures screens and lockers

Although the lounge was busy, it was still very comfortable and enjoyable space to relax while I waited for my next flight. If you are travelling with a group make sure to get seats together first before getting food or drinks.

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