Status Credit Gift and Extensions

Wed, 18 Mar 2020

Some good news from some Virgin and Qantas! In response to travel plans being affected by the current events, Virgin Australia and Qantas are showing their appreciation to frequent flyer members with a once-off status extension and status credit gift.

Virgin Australia

In response to the necessary precautions travellers are taking as the current situation evolves, Virgin Australia is rewarding their Silver, Gold and Platinum frequent flyers with a status credit gift, with frequent flyer members receiving up to an additional 210 status credit extension over the next 3 months. 

Virgin Status Credit Gift

The below Status Credits will be gifted to your accounts during the first week of the next three months as follows

Status LevelAprilMayJuneTotal

Virgin Australia Status Extension

Additionally high tier Velocity frequent flyers (silver and above) will also receive a 12 month Status Extension, preserving your current Velocity Status. 

If you're due to receive a Status Credit gift and Status Extension from Virgin you'll receive an email from the airline letting you know. Both will happen automatically without having to contact Virgin Australia or needing to activate an offer.


Qantas is also offering high tier frequent flyer members a once-off status extension. From March 2020 Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Platinum One Frequent Fliers will receive another year at their current status level without stepping foot on a plane.

The frequent flier status will be extended in two phases, first, if your membership ends between March and June 2020, it will automatically be extended by 27 March 2020. If your membership ends between July 2020 and February 2021 it will automatically extend by 9 April 2020, see more detail of when your status will be extended to below: 

Qantas Status Credit Extension

Current Membership Year end date:Your Status will be extended by Qantas to:
31 March 202031 March 2021
30 April 202030 April 2021
31 May 202031 May 2021
30 June 202030 June 2021
31 July 202031 July 2021
31 August 202031 August 2021
30 September 202030 September 2021
31 October 202031 October 2021
30 November 202030 November 2021
31 December 202031 December 2021
31 January 202131 January 2022
28 February 202128 February 2022

This extension will happen automatically without Frequent Flies having to contact Qantas or activate an offer. 

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