Regent Seven Seas Cruises New Cooking Classes

Sun, 10 Nov 2019

Regent Seven Seas Cruises have announced that they will debut 16 new cooking classes during the inaugural sail season of the Seven Seas Splendor in 2020, creating the perfect luxury experience for foodie travellers.

The inaugural sailing season will be around the Caribbean and Mediterranean, the new cooking classes will reflect the location as well as other cooking tips and tricks. Below we have highlighted the new cooking classes from Regent - 

Island Fusion - Showcases the unique culinary styles of the Caribbean islands using local traditions and ingredients. The class highlights the indigenous culture and natural resources of the islands while showing the influences for France, Spain, Africa, India and China.

Farmstand Fabulous - This class will show travellers how to shop and cook like a chef, inspired by what you can find at the farmer’s market and at the supermarket. The recipes in this class will change depending on the region and time of year, all while demonstrating the techniques needed to prepare seasonal dishes.

Treasures of the Aegean - This immersive class showcases the mythology surrounding Greek food and the Mediterranean diet. Discover how to cook using local ingredients and traditional techniques. 

Batter Up - Learn all about different batter-based recipes from around the world including French Crepes, Tuscan Flatbread, Santorini tomato Fritters and Turkish zucchini Fritters.

The Nourished Kitchen: Plant-Based Comforts - Learn how to introduce more plant-based dishes into your culinary repertoire. Prepare healthy, innovative and delicious recipes developed with the Teaching Kitchen Collaborative of Harvard University and The Culinary Institue of America.

Sensuous Spain - Sip on Sangria while learning how to prepare classic tapas recipes, and begin to understand why many believe that tapas is more than food, but a lifestyle.

World of Flavour: Street Food - Learn about the secret ingredients and special techniques that make street food truly delicious. 

All cooking classes are two hours and are designed by the executive director of culinary enrichment for Regent, Kathryn Kelly, who along with other cooking masters teach the classes. 

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