Oktoberfest in the Sky

Wed, 18 Sep 2019

Lufthansa is once again celebrating Oktoberfest both onboard on selected A380 flights from Munich and in their airport lounges inside Terminal 2 at Munich Airport. This year Lufthansa will have the world’s largest crew in folk costume when they take off for Beijing on the 23rd of September and Los Angeles on the 3rd of October. In addition to these international routes crews on selected European routes will also be taking off in traditional costume, These routes include Amsterdam, Lyon, Gdansk, Milan, Sofia, Brussels, Ancona, Belgrade, Warsaw, Cologn and Munster. The traditional Lufthansa costumes have been designed and tailored by Angermaier, a Munich-based specialist for traditional Bavarian clothing.

Lufthansa flight crew in traditional dress

Passengers visiting the Munich Airport and Lufthansa Lounges inside the airport will also get to celebrate Oktoberfest, it has been a tradition for Lufthansa support staff to welcome passengers in traditional costume. Inside the Business and First Class lounges, guests will be able to enjoy traditional German foods and beverage, over the course of Oktoberfest Lufthansa is expecting to serve over 4,000 kilograms of Leberkäs’ will be served, along with over 38,000 pretzels and approximately 750 kilograms of Weißwurst sausages inside the Business Class Lounges. Other menu items in the First Class Lounge include  Festtagssuppe, a traditional soup, followed by farmers’ duck and closing with homemade apple strudel served with vanilla sauce, roasted almonds and rum-soaked raisins. In the Senator and Business lounges, passengers will enjoy typical Bavarian dishes such as Leberkäs’, Fleischpflanzerl meatballs and quark mousse with plum topping.

Lufthansa is not the only airline celebrating Oktoberfest, Emirates will also be serving German delights on flights from Dubai to Germany to its passengers across all classes and in the onboard Lounge on the A380. The onboard lounge will serve beer from Munich brewery Paulaner in traditional stone and classic beer mugs, this will be accompanied by typical Barvarian snacks including gingerbread hearts, pretzels, Liptauer and Obatzter as well as various hearty sandwiches.

German delights available on at the Emirates onboard bar

In Emirates’ premium classes guests can expect an extensive regionally inspired menu, including Nuremberg chicken sausages with mashed potatoes and sour cabbage, Leberkaese with a fried egg and fried potatoes will be available in First Class, Warm apple strudel with vanilla sauce will be served as dessert.

Traditional gingerbread available onboard Emirates

Passengers in Economy Class will enjoy Leberkaese with sauerkraut and mashed potatoes, Beef with caraway sauce & Knöpfle or Nuremberg grilled sausages with sauerkraut, and on request and a piece of delicious Bienenstich for dessert.

Traditional German meal served in Emirates Economy Class

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