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11 Feb 2024
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777-300 Review
Flying from Kuala Lumpur, we flew with Turkish Airlines Business Class in their 777-300 to Istanbul, Turkey. Despite a 2-3-2 cabin layout, Turkish Airlines Business Class didn't disappoint.

After our overnight stay in Kuala Lumpur we flew out to Istanbul on Turkish Airlines in Business Class on their Boeing 777-300. As we were staying at the Sama Sama International Airport hotel, it was a quick 2 minute buggy ride and we were dropped right at the International Departures area. Our bags had been checked all the way through to Paris and tickets issued at our departure in Adelaide, meaning we could head straight through security and immigration.

Business Class Private Transfer Gate

A nice touch in Kuala Lumpur Airport is their priority lanes for Business Class travellers at immigration. This made a huge difference for us as other lines were very busy. After we cleared immigration we headed to the lounge. Flying Turkish Airlines but code sharing with Malaysia Airlines meant we could access the Plaza Premium First Lounge. You can read our full review on that here.

When it came time to depart the lounge we were given directions to gate G1, where our private transfer would take us to Terminal C. As this is not linked, you either need to take the train, bus, or for Business Class and First Class passengers, you get a private transfer either in a BMW or a private bus.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Boarding Experience

When we arrived at our gate we had to first clear a security screening before being able to board the plane. Just as we arrived they called for priority passengers - good timing! We boarded through the front of the plane which was quick and easy. When we boarded the aircraft we were directed to our seat, while the cabin crew also assisted in storing our luggage for us.

First Class Private Transfer BMW
Priority Boarding Turkish Airlines 777-300

Business Class Cabin Layout

The Business Class cabin was split into two cabins, with around 3 rows in each. The plane was an older design with a layout of 2-3-2, meaning not all passengers had direct aisle access. However, we would like to mention that it is very spacious and easy to move around, even if you’re not directly on the aisle.

Turkish Airlines 777-300 Business Class Cabin
Turkish Airlines Business Class 2-3-2 Cabin Layout
Middle Turkish Airlines 777-300 Business Class Seat

We were seated in 6C, which was an aisle seat in the middle section. We specially picked this seat so we wouldn’t have to climb over another passenger. We did notice, and unsure if this was deliberate, but nearly all passengers on the double seats and in the middle seats were couples and most of the direct aisle access solo seats were for solo travellers.

Turkish Airlines 777-300 Business Class Aisle Seat

Amenities And Storage

We found there to be a good amount of storage in this Business Class cabin. When seated, you’ll notice a large storage section under the foot rest which is ideal for a small bag, along with another section to the left. The remote was located to the left of the seat along with some charging ports, while a square set of seat controls were located on the left armrest. A reading light was also located just above this section.

Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class Cabin Overhead Storage
Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class Seat - Storage Compartment Armrest and Seat Controls
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 Seat Remote
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777 Seat Remote

The screen was a decent size, just very far away which was a strange experience. The remote was easy to use and very responsive, while there were a good amount of movies to pick from. A nice touch was having immigration information available on the entertainment unit. A cool experience was watching the cameras located outside the aircraft on takeoff - a different perspective!

Turkish Airlines 777-300 Business Class Screen Size

Shortly after boarding we received a set of noise cancelling headphones and an amenity kit. They had two separate amenity kits, one for males and one for females. Ours was stored in a nice cream zip bag and contained some socks, toothbrush, earplugs, moisturiser and eye mask. Some slippers and an extra blanket were located on our footrest when we arrived. We find it’s always nice having slippers on these longer-haul flights, as it means you don’t have to pop your shoes on to go to the toilet, you can just use the slippers.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Amenity Kit
Turkish Airlines Business Class Female Amenity Kit
Turkish Airlines Business Class Slippers
Turkish Airlines Supplied Business Class Headphones
Turkish Airlines Business Class Headphones

Once in the air and before meal service began, flight attendants came around with a mattress topper, pillow cover and thick blanket to make our beds. This took about 30 seconds for them to complete and was a nice touch and added an extra level of comfort.

Turkish Airlines 777 Business Class with Mattress Topper

Dining Experience

Prior to departing we were offered a warm towel to clean our hands and a choice of juice or water. We were also handed a menu to select our preferred lunch option, a drinks menu, along with a smaller menu that outlined what snacks were available throughout the flight. Being an 11 hour flight we were receiving two meal services today, the first being breakfast and the second lunch.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Hot Towel Service
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777-300 In-Flight Menu
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777-300 Wine List
Turkish Airlines Business Class 777-300 In-Flight Snack Menu
Turkish Airlines Business Class Tray Table

For our first course we were served some fresh fruit with a side of muesli, chicken, cheese and a choice of either bread or a pastry. The fruit was fresh and sweet, a nice way to start the meal. The muesli was also good along with the other pieces of the meal.

Turkish Airlines In-Flight First Course Business Class Menu

For our main breakfast selection, we opted for the Omelette with a side of hash browns and mushrooms. This was a pretty decent meal, however the hash browns were slightly soggy, but we’d usually expect this from dining on an aeroplane. For our drink we selected a black coffee and were also provided with a water bottle.

Turkish Airlines In-Flight First Course Business Class Menu

After breakfast had been cleared, the flight attendants instructed everyone to close their blinds and the cabin lights were then dimmed. We always find it interesting that they do this even when it’s only midday. Nonetheless, this gave us a good opportunity to get a few hours of work done, then have a nap prior to lunch being served.

Prior to landing in Istanbul we were served lunch, where we were offered a few options to pick from. To start the service, a cart was brought round with a selection of entrees. Tomato and mozzarella, Shrimp Salad, Vermicelli Noodles With Chicken, Soups and a few others. We opted for Zucchini Soup and some tomato and mozzarella, which was fresh and delicious.

Turkish Airlines Business Class In-Flight Dining Set Up
Turkish Airlines Business Class In-Flight Lunch Appetiser

After this, we were served our main course, Grilled Chicken Breast with Potatoes and Salad. The potatoes were thick cut and nicely seasoned, while the chicken had a nice amount of spice to it. To accompany this, we were served a choice of bread with olive oil and dukkah. We could smell the dukkah before we even tried it - it was delicious. A nice touch with having bread with your meal, rather than just serving it with butter.

Turkish Airlines Business Class In-Flight Dining Lunch Meal

After our lunch mains, the famous Turkish Airlines Dessert Trolley came around with a selection of desserts to pick from. These ranged from traditional Turkish sweets, chocolate cake, icecream, fruits and a selection of cheeses.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Dessert Trolley

We originally opted for the chocolate cake, but were also given all three Turkish desserts to try and they did not disappoint. This was far the most delicious part of our meal and a nice treat to experience something a little different.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Dessert

The presentation of each meal along with the service really elevated our experience with Turkish Airlines. Each meal was served by a chef and did not feel rushed in the slightest, something which can happen often, particularly towards the end of a flight.

Turkish Airlines 777-300ER Business Class Summary

This was our first experience flying with Turkish Airlines and to be honest, it didn’t disappoint. Although it was an older model aeroplane, the seats were comfortable, the food was good and the staff were helpful and accommodating. Even though it’s lacking in privacy compared to other Business Class offerings, it’s a solid option for those looking to travel Business Class to Europe and beyond.

Recently announcing their expansion into Australia, Turkish Airlines are proving to be a competitive option for Business Class flights to Europe. With flights now available to book, speak to one of our airfare specialists today about your next Business Class trip!

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