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20 Dec 2017
Singapore Airlines New Suites & Business Class
The first of Singapore Airlines new A380’s featuring the new business class and Suites is now in operation!

The first of Singapore Airlines new A380’s featuring the new business class and Suites is now in operation!

As of this week, passengers travelling between Sydney and Singapore can experience the new level of Singapore Airlines luxury.

What you can expect onboard

Singapore Airlines Suites

Each of the six Suites onboard the A380 is secluded behind a sliding door, providing the ultimate in inflight privacy. Inside the suite is a fully flat bed and a plush leather chair, eliminating the need to convert your seat to a bed. The bed can also be stowed, providing maximum space inside the suite. a divider between adjoining suites can be removed to create a double suite with a double bed for passengers travelling together.

New Singapore Airlines Suites feature a bed and a leather recliner.
2 Suites can be joined to create a double bed for passengers travelling together.

Each suite comes equipped with a 32 Inch Tv screen, a full size wardrobe, handbag storage, and leather lined amenity box.

Leather lined amenity box and handbag storage in each Suite.

Suites passengers enjoy restaurant style dining with meal options such as Lobster Thermidor, Veal fillet, and Prawn and Chicken Laksa.

Lobster Thermidor, served in Singapore Airlines Suites.
Veal Fillet, served in Singapore Airlines Suites.
Prawn & Chicken Laksa, served in Singapore Airlines Suites.

Two stylish bathrooms are also available exclusively for the use of Suites passengers.

Singapore Airlines Suites bathroom.
Singapore Airlines Suites bathroom featuring a sit down vanity.

Business Class
The all new Singapore Airlines business class features a new seat with 2 side wings for improved back support that is upholstered in leather and reclines to a fully flat bed measuring almost 2 meters in length.

All new Singapore Airlines business class.

A larger back shell surrounding the seat creates a cocoon feel for increased privacy and a centre divider can be fully lowered to create a double bed.

Business class double bed onboard the new Singapore Airlines A380.
Singapore Airlines middle seats with the divider in place.

The new carbon fibre shell also means there is greater underseat storage with enough room for a full-sized cabin bag.

The business class cabin is arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration, with all seats forward facing and all passengers enjoying aisle access.

Each business class seat comes equipped with USB ports and in-seat power, adjustable reading lights, mood lighting and a larger dining table for flexible dining positions.

Singapore Airlines business class dining features a range of dishes served on high quality tableware.

Singapore Airlines business class dining.

The new cabin products will be initially fitted to the airline’s five new A380s, following which 14 aircraft already in service will be retrofitted with the new interiors.

To book your business class or Suites flights onboard Singapore Airlines new A380 contact our specialist Airfare Consultants.