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25 Mar 2024
Qatar Airways Business Class Review: Our Thoughts On The Old Product
On a recent trip, we expected to be experiencing Qatar Airways luxurious Qsuites on their Boeing 777-200, however an aircraft change occurred, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed when we boarded the older model of Business Class instead of the Qatar Qsuites.

We went into this flight expecting to be experiencing the luxurious Qatar Airways Qsuites on their Boeing 777-200, however were a bit shocked to find ourselves onboard the older Business Class in their Boeing 777-300ER.

It is a known fact that Qatar Airways fly Qsuites into Adelaide, so can only assume a last minute aircraft change. It’s one of those things that does sometimes happen when travelling, so we viewed it as an opportunity to simply experience a different product. Qsuites - you’ll just have to wait.

Cabin Layout

Boarding was a quick experience with priority available for Business Class passengers, along with a separate boarding entrance.

Boarding Qatar Airways Business Class Cabin

Due to being the older Boeing 777-300ER Business Class, it was a 2-2-2 cabin layout. This meant not all passengers had direct aisle access for this flight. If you were seated against the window, you had to climb over your neighbour to get out

Qatar Airways Business Class Cabin
Qatar Airways Business Class Middle Seats
Qatar Airways Business Class Aisle Seats

We were originally seated in one of the middle seats, but asked if we’d prefer a window seat which we happily obliged to, especially since the flight attendants explained nobody would be seated next to us. This meant we had a decent amount of room for the 14 hour flight to Adelaide and also a nice view.

Business Class Amenities And Storage

When we arrived at our seat we found a blanket, mattress topper and pillow. Shortly after getting settled, the flight attendants came around handing out pyjamas, an amenity kit, headphones and also the menu for the flight. More on the dining experience later!

Qatar Airways Business Class Provided Amenities

One of the first things we noticed being on an older Business Class was the lack of practical storage. To the left of the seat was a small storage compartment big enough to store our headphones, yet that was about it. The storage under the seat in front of us was very minimal, only just able to fit our blanket and pillow.

Qatar Airways Business Class Storage Space And Seat Divider

The headphone and charging ports were located directly to the left of the seat cushion, while the TV remote was located within the armrest. Within the armrest was also a hidden compartment with a water bottle. This was a nice little space to be able to store it during the flight.

Qatar Airways Business Class Extra Storage And Power Source
Qatar Airways Business Class Drink Bottle Storage
Qatar Airways Business Class Back Of Seat Remote
Qatar Airways Business Class Seat Remote
Qatar Airways Business Class Seat Remote

The seat controls were located to the right of our seat, white the entertainment screen popped out of the armrest. This was due to being located in the front row. Other passengers' screens were still located in the back of the chair in front.

Qatar Airways Business Class Seat Controls

After flying more modern products, it was one of those moments you really see how far Business Class products have come over the years.

Prior to meal service and after takeoff, flight attendants came around and made up everyones beds with their mattress topper.

Qatar Airways Business Class Mattress Seat Topper & Pillow

Qatar Airways Business Class Dining Experience

Shortly after boarding we were provided with a menu for our flight along with a choice of juice. Departing Doha in the late evening meant our first meal service would be dinner, followed by breakfast prior to landing in Australia.

Qatar Airways Business Class Take Off Drink And Refreshing Towel
Qatar Airways Business Class Champagne Available
Qatar Airways Business Class Wine List
Qatar Airways Business Class Dessert Wine
Qatar Airways Business Class Wines Available
Qatar Airways Business Class Red Wines Available

Qatar Airways Business Class Dessert Wine

Due to departing quite late and also eating in the Al Mourjan Business Lounge prior to boarding, we opted to skip the dinner service. We instead ordered a green tea, changed into our pyjamas and got some sleep.

Qatar Airways Tea & Warmed Nuts
Qatar Airways Business Class Beverage List
Qatar Airways Business Class In Flight Dining Menu

We woke to find that the flight attendants had put away our screen and lowered our blinds. Their service proved to be very attentive throughout our entire journey with them.

We had originally planned to order some food later in the flight but ended up sleeping for nearly 8 hours! With most passengers still asleep we instead opted for a black coffee and some oat biscuits.

Qatar Airways Tea & Oat Biscuit

For breakfast we picked the greek yoghurt, mixed wild berry compote and home-made granola as the starter and then the coconut and chia pudding with fresh berries, pistachio slices and toasted almond flakes.

Qatar Airways Business Class Breakfast Meal

The meal service started with our table being set with a white table cloth, cutlery, salt and pepper, a small break basket and a candle for decoration. We really appreciated the effort that went into presenting the breakfast service. Shortly after we were served our starter and breakfast main.

Qatar Airways Business Class In Flight Dining Setting

The entire meal was delicious, including the croissants and bread on the side. The fruit was fresh on the chia pudding, while the yoghurt and muesli had a nice sweetness to it.

After our meal was cleared we were provided with a hand towel, mints and also a small box of chocolates.

Qatar Airways Business Class Refreshment Mint After Meal
Qatar Airways Business Class Complimentary Chocolates & Warmed Towel

Qatar Airways Business Class Summary

Although aircraft changes do occur, we couldn’t help but feel disappointed when we boarded the older model Business Class instead of the Qatar Qsuites. 

With an outdated 2-2-2 cabin layout and lacking storage and functionality, it definitely showed its age. 

Our 14 hour flight was however still very pleasant, with helpful and attentive staff, good food served onboard (probably one of our favourite breakfasts experienced in the sky), and a fully flat bed.

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