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26 Oct 2023
Qantas Upgrades Sydney-Honolulu To Its 787 Dreamliner
Qantas is set to upgrade its flights to Honolulu to a 787 Dreamliner from March 2024, which will result in Premium Economy availability and the 787 Business Class Suites.

Those bound for Hawaii from March 2024 can look forward to making the 10 hour trip on a Qantas Boeing 787. The modern Dreamliner will be replacing an older Airbus A330 on QF103/QF104 flights, which will also give the option of Premium Economy for travellers.

To increase the offering, the 787 Business Suites will provide more of a refined version than the A330’s, with one of the key improvements being a retractable panel between the middle seats so passengers travelling together can share more of the moment with their partner. With Hawaii being a destination that attracts a number of couples, this offering is set to be positive on this gateway route.

Qantas Business Class 787 Dreamliner

Qantas’ 787 won’t be the only new aircraft heading to Honolulu, with Hawaiian Airlines taking delivery of its first Boeing 787, which will be flying to Los Angeles and San Francisco across April-May 2024. The Hawaiian Airlines 787 Business Class cabin is inspired by the carrier’s island home and Polynesian heritage. The middle style ‘Cabana Suites’ and Koa wood-patterned flooring to wall panels is a strong reflection, while the ceiling-mounted LED lights depict the constellations of the night sky.

Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Cabana Suites

Adient Aerospace’s Stephanie Faulk explained that the Cabana Suites in the middle of each Business Class row are a ‘really important feature for Hawaiian Airline passengers who are usually celebrating a vacation or special occasion while visiting the island”.

“There’s a privacy divider, so if a traveller is by themselves they can put up the divider, but the (panel) does lower down – there’s two buttons that need to be pushed simultaneously in order for that to fully lower flat – so it allows for couples that are travelling together to have a full suite that feels like one harmonious cabana instead of two separate suites.” The outwards-angles seats does mean that they don’t become a proper bed, but you can however still enjoy a movie or a meal together.

Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Cabana Suite

Hawaiian Airlines intends to fly four Boeing 787s by the end of 2024, with the remaining 12 set to arrive between 2025 and 2027. They will be dedicated to major trans-Pacific flights from Honolulu.

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