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31 Jan 2024
JAL First Class Lounge Haneda Airport Review
We recently explored the JAL First Class Lounge in Haneda Airport, Tokyo, on a round-the-world trip.

We recently explored the JAL First Class Lounge in Haneda Airport, Tokyo, when travelling Business Class on our overseas trip. Arriving mid-morning, we found the lounge to be very quiet with only a handful of people present.

Entrance Of JAL First Class Lounge In Haneda Airport

Located in Terminal 3, left of the central security checkpoint, head up the escalators opposite Gate 112, and you’ll find the entrance of the JAL First Class Lounge. Open from 06:00 to 01:55, Japan Airlines have catered to almost all hours of the day for passengers, only missing the 02:00-05:55 time window. Those who can gain access are strictly passengers travelling First Class with JAL, or a oneworld airline, Qantas Platinum, Platinum One and Chairman’s Lounge members, oneworld Emerald passengers flying on a oneworld airlines flight in any cabin class (+1 guest), JMB Diamond members (+1 guest) and JFC Premier members (+1 guest).

JAL First Class Lounge Layout

The JAL First Class Lounge is very minimalist, with neutral, dark and wooden tones styled throughout. We were greeted by friendly staff at the front desk and made our way to Main Lounge 1. Walking through, to the left of the reception area, are the shower rooms and Sushi Tsurutei - a sushi bar.

Walkway Of JAL First Class Lounge
Entry Into Main Area Of JAL First Class Lounge
Main Lounge Area In JAL First Class Lounge Haneda Airport

We found most of the main lounge area to be pretty vacant, which gave the exclusive feeling of being in a First Class Lounge. Decked out with a range of different seating options, ranging from wide lounge chairs, to bench seating as well as sets of tables for more of a sit-down dining experience, it was well catered for.

Dining Area In JAL First Class Lounge

Another exclusive feature which is known in the JAL First Class Lounge in Haneda Airport, is its renowned Red Suite. Unfortunately for us, it was closed at the time. Packed with JAL memorabilia, this will be one we’ll definitely have to come back for and check out in the future!

Workspace Area In JAL First Class Lounge

On the 5th floor, you can also access JAL’s Salon - a smaller lounge area with a featured bar offering ‘Japanese artisanal beverages’ such as Roku gin.

More Seating Space In JAL First Class Lounge

JAL First Class Lounge Dining And Beverage Options

The Sushi Bar was a highlight for us, open from 07:00-23:00. Despite it being before midday, we couldn’t resist indulging in freshly prepared dishes, blaming our jet-lagged body clocks as an excuse to eat sushi at 10:00 in the morning. Yum!

Sushi Bar In JAL First Class Lounge
Sushi Bar Food At JAL First Class Lounge
Sushi Bar Order JAL First Class Lounge

JAL First Class Lounge uses a QR-code scanning system for food, although there are a few servers lingering around, if table service is preferred. You can order the food to be freshly prepared and delivered to your seat just by using your mobile and scanning the code on the tables, taking you to the online menu. There is also a small buffet for light nibbles.

JAL QR Code Scanning System At Sushi Bar
Sushi Bar From JAL First Class Lounge

All drinks are self-serve ranging from a big selection of wine and bubbles, with the default champagne being Pierre de Bry Brut, or Joseph Perrier if you’re lucky enough to visit the Red Suite. There is a self-serve draft beer machine and coffee machine.

Coffee, Self-Serve Alcoholic Beverages, Soft Drinks Section
Alcoholic Beverages On Offer At JAL First Class Lounge

Unfortunately no barista coffee is available in the JAL First Class Lounge which is disappointing, but partly expected as coffee isn’t Japan’s strong suit. Sparkling and still water plus soft drinks are also available.

JAL First Class Lounge Shower & Other Amenities

During our time here at the JAL First Class Lounge, we took the opportunity to have a quick shower and were quite impressed with the facilities. There are 4 showers available with great water pressure.

Shower Facilities At JAL First Class Lounge

We appreciated the incredibly quick Wi-Fi as well as the secure luggage storage area towards the entrance of the JAL First Class Lounge. Japan Airlines has been thoughtful in placement of charging points as well as implementing phone booths for those needing more discreet phone calls.

JAL First Class Lounge Storage Area

JAL First Class Lounge Summary

We had a pleasant experience visiting Haneda Airport’s JAL First Class Lounge. Highlights include incredible service by JAL staff, which is quite common, given the notable friendly and polite culture the Japanese are so well known for.

The sushi bar was great although it would’ve been a more enjoyable experience to be personally served, rather than scanning through a QR code, but we understand some travellers just prefer this for convenience.

The quiet ambience made the lounge an enjoyable place to relax and unwind for our next flight, and with the way the lounge is designed, we can imagine even during peak times, this ambience would still remain present in certain areas such as the JAL Salon.

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